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Mastering Fear: Finding Freedom Within

The Way Out is Through

Fear is a natural instinct and its purpose is to keep us safe. The only problem is when habitual fear clouds out opportunities to achieve (or receive) one's dreams in the now. If we never investigate our fears, they'll just control us from the shadows.

This video provides a quick meditation for creating calm in times of fear, then outlines the high side of fear, the low side of fear, and how to thread the needle for yourself.

The second video shares two meditations for facing fear and finding your power, and draws on the example of a Boggart from Harry Potter to explain how being convinced our fears are real can limit our potential in life.

First is an embodiment meditation to help you feel into your fear and release tension in your body [timestamp 2:58]. Second is a visualization meditation where you learn to face your fears in a deep & comprehensive manner, and imagine how you could respond to the worst-case scenarios while acting from your personal values [timestamp 5:10].

To face fear in this manner is to become stronger than it, so notice how you feel in fearful moments after doing this meditation.

For other ways to work with fear, see the first video from this channel, "Creating Safety Within." Also consider working on frightful memories from the past, using the meditation shared in "Self-Healing 101 - Personifying the Subconscious Mind" to give your body & nervous system a sense of relief.