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Nondual Manifestation & The Essence of Desire

What do you want to create in this precious life?

Watch this series to remember how to feel nourished by your desires, rather than drained by them. Don't separate from your desires in the name of avoiding pain - that's spiritual bypass. Instead, use your desires as fuel, embody your personal values, and become proficient in manifestation to illuminate an experience of oneness between the inner and outer worlds.

The secret of desire is that the depth of the feelings each desire sparks in you is far more important than whether or not it comes to pass in the future. The simple process of using your desires to generate feelings of wellness will strengthen your capacity to live with freedom, clarity, and power. It's not about "learning to manifest" to avoid taking responsibility in physical reality, it's about where you're coming from in each step of the journey.

After connecting with a desire that inspires you, remember to delineate form from function. The form - the tangible outcome - is less important than the function, aka the underlying feelings that a desire sparks within you. The more you learn to embody the underlying function (emotional energy), the easier it will be generate and receive opportunities for your desires to come to pass.

Consciously creating reality involves a fusion of imagination, desire, and expectation. When those three tools are in alignment, this meditation will help connect you to the essence of your desire and create a space for you to open to the power of ecstasy.

As a rule of thumb, watch for 3 days after doing this meditation for events that support your manifestation and moments that spark that same underlying function (emotional energy) within you. Then, celebrate your results (even if it's just having the tenacity to follow-through), forgive any perceived shortcomings or limiting beliefs, and if need be, renew your intention by doing the meditation again.

Continue to part 3 for an understanding of how to integrate this perspective into daily life and spiritual awakening. This video includes a specific focus on

- embodying your personal values and feeling their support in each step of your journey

- ending spiritual bypass and ego games like "good vibes only"

- defining Karma Mudra - a practice from Buddhist tantra that embodies a mystical way of relating to desire

- embracing the archetypal connections between our inner and outer realities