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Self-Healing 101: Evolving the Subconscious

3 Part Series on the Essence of Self Healing

This 3 part video series is designed to convey the essence of self healing and help you:

- build rapport with different aspects of your personality, understand yourself more deeply, and build emotional intelligence

- learn a powerful self healing tool to bring love, awareness, and empowerment to the parts of ourselves that have been hurt by painful experiences in the past

- find your own way of integrating this newfound peace and freedom into daily life

The first video shares a simple yet powerful meditation for building emotional intelligence and developing rapport with oneself. By personifying the subconscious mind in meditation, you'll build new connections between neural networks and create a space inside to experience greater self-awareness, peace, and freedom.

This next video shares a deep meditation for building emotional intelligence and inner freedom by healing painful memories from the past. The technique uses the neuroscience of memory to diffuse painful triggers, while building more self-compassion and understanding.

DISCLAIMER: This self-healing meditation is designed to stir up painful memories from the past, and is not for everyone. I am not your therapist or a medical professional. If you have a significant amount of trauma in your background and are unable to complete the earlier meditations, skip this for now. Simply focusing on your dream for a brighter future - and being emotionally honest about the the obstacles along the way - is enough to improve your inner and outer life.

This final video is a bridge between meditation practice and our moment to moment experience of daily life. Building on the foundation of the first two videos in this series, I share two practical ways to re-orient when we get triggered that will give us the inner-freedom to bring more understanding, love, and power to whatever situation life throws at us. By cultivating self-awareness and self-love, it's easier to recognize what is going on inside and see reality more clearly.